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Hot new Barre fitness mixes up ballet/pilates/yoga/fitness.  It is done at a ballet barre and on a yoga mat with a pilates ball, light handweights or resistance bands. You dont have to do it at a barre, as the barre is supposed to be just a guide to balance you, so at home you can do it at a chair or benchtop. 


To get your body pumping, with leaner muscles and greater feminine grace it employs:

- isometric muscle work (that's the stuff that gets you burning and shaking in plies)

- body conditioning in the key areas of legs, buttocks, arms and tummy 

- blends or focuses on either:

- yoga/stretching to lengthen the muscles and create more flexibility in the joints 

- pilates for greater core abdominal strengthening or

- high intensity cardio intervals to assist with epoc ( excess post-exercise oxygen consumption - the scientific term for afterburn that helps you burn more calories after you've left the class).


The Barre exercise programs I offer support both pelvic floor safe exercise progressions, as well as the dynamic, in-the-spotlight dance/pilates/cardio/toning of Barre.  I cue for pelvic floor connection in all my classes as part of the 'core' to address the needs of womens specific fitness.


If you have no pelvic floor issues then high intensity Barre may suit your mood for weight loss, physical conditioning and the invigoration which comes with dynamic and challenging physical activity. The pilates influenced moves and ballet core work will connect with your core and pelvic floor whilst giving you a challenging work out for your full body.


If you are post natal then a low impact class with a focus on toning might suit your entry level to Barre practice. But please make sure if you're going to a studio to tell your instuctor how post natal you are. Some core work may not be suitable for you at the stage that you are at in your core/pelvic recovery even if you do not suffer incontinence.  


If you are experiencing any feelings of core destabilisation or small incontinence issues stick with going to a Barre class that has been designed for post natal women with pelvic floor safe adjustments. 


Be mindful though, some baby friendly classes may suggest you wear your baby. This may not be suitable for you if you have back issues or poor pelvic floor tone. Ask to do a screening test so they know what issues youre dealing with and whether the class is suitable. It could be that Pilates or Post Natal specific exercise classes would be a better fit for you. My Succulent classes have taken into consideration the need for mothers to look after themselves and so supports women not wearing their babies to exercise when possible. 


Recover Mother - Barre Baby and Barre Breathe, are Barre programs that flow from one to the other as your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles can increase in load transfer, increase their capacity to maintain tension and as the hips settle back in. These core restore based barre programs have the best post natal movement-based pelvic floor exercise knowledge available behind them (


When you need further support than the programs Succulent offers I work as a part of your wellbeing team alongside your  Pelvic Floor/Womens Health Physio to motivate you to stay true to the goals that they have developed with their expertise and to support their integration into your movement practice/class. I am passionate about you succeeding in your long term vision of your health, rather than letting you take the easy road now, but which may likely mean a knock to your sense of wellbeing and joy, if you suffer prolapse or incontinence later which effects your reationship with your partner and your family, and impacts on your ability to do your work in the world.  Remember the stats - 55% of Australian women experience some prolapse over the age of 50 if theyve had kids.


I consider the changing emotional landscape of becoming a mother; including the journey from mother to lover and the journey from being two and returning to one. Only Private Classes allow the space for a Succulent Woman Touchstone check-in - a reflection of where you are at and where you are headed, whats blocking you and whats been good. A chance to connect holistically to your process and have a touchstone to measure if youre doing the best for yourself. Where do you need to honor yourself more? What other support do you need?


You will also find lots of great resources in my Faves page about the connection of our pelvic floor to our sexual selves as well as incontinence and prolapse - what are they? who is at risk? and who to see if you are concerned. Use the resources! Gather up your knowledge as you grow into this world of succulent woman and succulent mother. You also might like to pop over to my Love Muscle page on Pinterest (see home page) or sign up for monthly emails of inspiration, education and connection.   


Exercise can help reduce stress and counteract depression - unless underneath it is doing damage from the inside out and maybe you don't find out the facts until too late. 30% of post natal women experience incontinence and it can be increased from poor exercise choices. Please share this site or your favorite blog with your friends so we can spread awareness and create culture change for womens pelvic health which can radiate out into the world as empowered, passionate, creative women able to make a difference. 




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