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Waterside Women


Temple Well LIVE Women's Circle

Drop your stress, connect with your inner guide and feel activated to your most uplifted self!

Melbourne FRI Nov 27th Noon AEST

NewYork THURS Nov 26th 8pm EST

California THURS Nov 26th 5pm PST

Book YOUR SEAT here for this heart-centering women's circle where you will tap into your inner guide... 


This time calls for us to connect more than ever! 


The upcoming sacred circle chat will help you gain insight into:


  • The importance of heart-centered connection to lower your stress response

  • Magnifies our connection to our purpose and inner guide

  • Align to what actions are calling us forward

  • Remind us that we are not alone in our challenges and our strengths. 


My TempleWell Women's Circle magnifies our heart's desires, our spiritual self and connects us with other incredible, heart-fuelled women! 


If this sounds like what is calling you - then welcome home! 


This Circle is a FREE Women's Circle in the spirit of service to women in this time. 

I hope you can join us! 😊


This Circle calls in women who want to nourish themselves and slow down from the busy and listen to their own inner life. 


A listening circle, we hold space for others to connect to their highest self.

A compassionate circle, we hold the space of unconditional love for one another, so that others can feel seen, heard and held in their power to choose. 

An empowering circle, we hold space for activation of our most hopeful, most fully expressed selves. 

A femme-powered circle, we honour the goddesses and the women who have come before us,  who can give us wisdom and strength. 


If you feel called to support your spiritual well-being or emotional health - let's connect in circle. 


Register NOW for this FREE TempleWell Circle. ❤️


Why is this FREE? Because I want to share this gift with you before the end of 2020. 


 So much is happening around the world. I want you to connect and uplift, so you can powerfully call in the end of 2020!


This will be a 2 hour session and I want as many women to share as possible. *Please don't book if you can't really make it. Places are Limited! 


Dominique x



About Your Circle Guide Dominique

I work with ambitious, heart-fuelled women who are nourished by their inner guide to foster confidence on their path.


I have 10 years experience in sacred women circle's and have training in coaching psychology, positive psychology & neuroscience. I am a Lead Like a Woman Coach commited to women having what they need to flourish physically, mentally, spiritually and systemically.

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