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Mother and Baby

The 7 Day Mama Wellbeing Boost

Get access to this 7 Day video series

• Rebuilds Your Core and Energises You
• Keeps Depletion At Bay
• Honours Your Transition to Mamahood


About Your Facilitator Dominique


I work to serve women globally who want to increase their wellbeing and happiness as mamas. We have alot to juggle as women and there are so many myths and systemic issues that still impact our physical & mental recovery as mothers. 
I have 7 years teaching hundreds of mothers just like you to recover your core & pelvic floor, step by step.  I take a holistic approach so you can be kind to yourself & love your new emerging self.

I am commited to women uplifting their health & wellbeing so they can be the best mothers  they can be, but also their best selves as women. Not their perfect selves. Just their best selves. 

So take the first step and grab these tools to core restore and wellbeing.
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Dominique xx

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