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succulent fitness 

The Succulent Sisterhood fitness programs support feminine grace, balanced alignment, confidence, stamina, power and unapologetic womanliness!  Whether you are a maiden who wants strengthening (but not in a masculine way), whether you are a mother returning to fitness goals or a perimenopausal/menopausal woman who wants a work out

without the high impact/high core intensity these classes are for you. 

The classes are an overall body toning workout that promote pelvic floor wellness,

and energise, strengthen and condition the body with low impact interval training

using the barre method, pilates, yoga and dance exercises. 


Pick the level thats right for you in a private session, class or skype session.

All clients are screened for pelvic health clearance. 

If you are Post Natal or with Prolapse or Incontinence:

Firstly Recover,

Then Restore, 

and finally

Train to Increase Your Vitality and Strength in the right ways.

Too many women can worsen incontinence and prolapse from poor exercise training after having children.  Get the right support.

See a Women's Health Physio

and 'work out' and 'work in' with Succulent Fitness Programs!




Barre and Baby  

Conditioning and healing class that supports you 

after the birth of your baby with foundation pelvic floor exercises,

attention to core stabilisation lying on the mat and in upright motion,

gentle releases for troublesome tight areas and breathing techniques.

Based on pilates, barre, yoga and functional movement.

Suitable for new mums with positive 6 wk checkup. 

Know yourself as whole, accepting and renewed.



















Barre Breathe 

  Totally low impact conditioning barre class without interval training and with a focus on correct core and overall form/posture in motion.

Based on Barre's dance conditioning, Pilates and Yoga.

Suitable for 4-6 months post natal onward and all women. 

Know yourself as centred, confident and strengthening.























Barre Burn 

 Vibrant active barre with mostly low impact interval training to burn caloríes even after you leave!

Based on Barre's signature dance, pilates and fitness blend.

Suitable for 12 months post natal onward and all women.  

Know yourself as powerful, energetic and passionate.


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