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Hi! I'm Dominique of Templewell Coaching

JOIN US for 2 nourishing and activating hours SATURDAY JULY 20th
10-12 midday
at a Luxe Wellness Venue in Elwood 
 for The Shine Atelier

I work with women leaders who...

Stretching always feels good.jpg

want to beat the stress, overwhelm or bad habits at work or home

There’s still a few seats in the circle

want to connect with ambitious, soul-fuelled women

How are your end of day gratitude notes

have gratitude but are ready to grow & step into their next uplevel


Because life is an inside job.


And as a woman you have a vast reserve of wisdom, vitality & confidence inside you to tap into. 


To know what you need.


To do what lights you up.


To put the brakes on what is holding you back or making you irritable, lethargic or less than your best. 

Wanna come and reset your compass and get your uplifting habits & vitality to the next level?

How about nourishing yourself, so you can switch off all the other demands and focus on what you need? 

Would you like to have the confidence to stay clear on your boundaries & watch as you influence those around you for better results?


 Join me, Dominique and a small group of ambitious women as we nourish & activate our best selves at the coaching event you don't want to miss: The Shine Atelier. 


Ellie Evans 

Creative Director

“Being in a room full of women who were all there to give themselves permission to be strong, was a really powerful experience.

I honestly got so much out of the work! Everything Dominique did with us had a purpose and was so easy yet effective."

Ellie Evans,


Pauline Portrait.jpg

Pauline Langmead 

Director of Photography

“Sessions with Dominique are both creative and practical, exploring the SELF in an inviting and supportive way. I came away from the sessions with a path, that I created, to thrive. Like a Boss!"

 - Pauline Langmead,


Clare Pickering Headshot.jpeg

Clare Pickering 

Producer Actress Writer

Dominique has equipped me with many tools and new practices.   The more self-love I
allow myself, the more productive I seem to be.
 I now have such
clarity and purpose.  

The little goddess gifts Dominique bought me as one of her premium clients were
incredibly thoughtful and filled my soul.


  • MEDITATE  drop the stress response & centre on you

  • REFLECTION & DISCUSSION - about self-care, habits and boundaries - gaining collective insight from the group (and finding out that you are not alone!) :)

  • EXPERT GUIDANCE - Gain understanding from neuroscience and coaching to optimise!

  • WORKSHOP YOUR GOALS - define your own specific priorities to leave clear and activated to take action

  • TAKE HOME: Playsheets, luxe goodies & prizes  

Take home prizes & luxe wellness goodies from our Shine partners:

Purchase Your Ticket Here

Can't make it to Shine? 

Download my Mindsets for Success Playbook below and join a sisterhood of ambitious women who are choosing to put their wellbeing and authenticity at the centre of their success. 


I love this playbook as a resource to keep me aligned to my best. Developed from Positive Psychology, gender science and evidence-based wisdom about applying our minds for optimal vitality and performance.   It has helped women understand their mindsets and improved what they focus on to better their health, wealth and leadership potential. 


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