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A 6 Month Women's Circle for Purposeful Female Leaders

Is your work meaningful and challenging, but you'd like more
'self-discovery' space to listen to your own inner guidance?
Perhaps you are 'stepping it up' and want support for the
new roles you are jumping into?
Or maybe you have a lot of what you want in life, but you yearn for more authentic connection to like-minded women outside of work to help reflect the juggle & magnify the aspirations?  
If it is time to strengthen your connection to your inner guidance for conscious growth & to a supportive community of women who will support you to be your highest expression of 'you' 
welcome to Magnify...

Magnify is for purposeful women leaders who...


want to magnify their sense of wellbeing,

as well as

their success 

There’s still a few seats in the circle

want to connect authentically with other purposeful,

soul-fuelled women

How are your end of day gratitude notes

are grateful for what they contribute & are ready to go deeper to play bigger

Life is so much richer when we do it together. ​


Connecting to the intimate community of women in Magnify can help you accept what 'is' in your life, strengthen the vision of what is calling you forward, what you are letting go of and who you are committing to be in a safe, inspiring space. 

  • feeling more confident in your self-leadership and leadership of others

  • feeling more whole and softened to life  (yes, less stressed)

  • moving from the impossible task of balance to the wise approach of alignment 

  • certain of your inner guidance & your faith in what actions you want to take as you make changes 

  • more able to honour the boundaries and visions that are important to you for your health and happiness 

  • experiencing belonging, connectedness, healing and inspiration in a circle of like-minded women who are ambitiously juggling life, family and leadership just like you

  • the bonus? It's even likely that you'll be more relaxed with your partner/husband as you get juiced up on feminine connection (our partners can't be everything to us)

In Magnify you will find yourself:

Join me, Dominique, and a small group of

purpose-fuelled women

as we journey 6 Transformational Circles.


circle topics


 We use the 'Source' and the 'Crown' as beginning and end points and the group unfolds its unique path. Through the design you can journey both professional and personal themes depending on what is shifting for you.  


The Listening - An Introduction

Authentic Selves - Deep Listening ( A stand-alone circle)


The Source

Your Inner Mentor - Your Anchor in Faith /Deep Presence


The Pleasure

Your Wellbeing - Your Play - Your Vitality


The Heart

Your Most Important Relationships - Staying Open to Love


The Big Story

Your Big Vision - Your Path of Service 


The Release

Celebrating the Past - Letting Go of Current Limiting Stories


The Crown

Your Claiming of Power - Permission - Connecting Outward

Who is Magnify for?

Women who come to Magnify are professionals, entrepreneurs and busy women who are purposefully following their path and most likely leading a family too. They are self-aware and successful and from diverse backgrounds. We come together to drop the isolation, feel validation of experiences by sharing our stories & support each other to live our most aligned life.


Magnify is about​:




"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship."

                             - Brene Brown

I will be your facilitator for authentic connection and growth in Magnify.


So we can connect a little, here are a few of my broad life highlights: 

  • sharing positive psychology practices (like gratitude notes) with my cool, noisy kids, and in my business as a holistic coach

  • being awesome friends and lovers with my husband (we go on trail runs and eat gelato for dates, chat Neuroscience or read Rumi together)

  • presented my academic paper at an International Conference about working with Aboriginal young women 

  • sang with a Jazz band (though I was told as a kid that I sucked)

And so you know I'm human like you, I also have pain points that I traverse:

  • how I had depression & exhaustion post-natally and I yelled too much at my poor son who later was diagnosed with heart issues (ouch!) 

  • losing many, many friends through re-location (anyone who has had this one knows the truth that social pain is as real as physical pain)

  • not being able to lower my voice and walk away every time when I am triggered by noisy boys or an emotional debate with my husband 

 Who am I to facilitate space for you?


I have 400 hrs experience, over 10 years, participating in and leading sacred Women's Circles. 20 years being aligned to purpose, exploring the path of service in my career. 10 years experience facilitating community processes. 3 years coaching purposeful women. 

I am a Wellness Coach with Wellness Coaches Australia, trained in Positive Psychology from Melbourne University, and am a Lead Like A Woman Coach trained by Australia's diversity and leadership experts.

I have done Buddhist silent meditation retreats, Yoga philosophy study, Multifaith Goddess archetype journeys, Tantra work, Vision Quests and more in my personal journey outside of the science of psychology.  I am an on/off meditator, gratitude practitioner and find solace in nature. 

When I was a resident yoga teacher in of one of the world’s top yoga retreat destinations in the world, Maya Tulum, the Manager said of my style -

"Dominique has a natural understanding of the human body, mind & soul. Guests rave about how she tailors her teaching just for them."

                                                                            -Mark Nissly

I bring my passion for women’s leadership, health, psychology and spirituality to all my work. You can say I draw on both the science & soul of coaching. 


The ideas we embody in circling may be in part from ancient practices, but being in this sacred womens circle is not 'woowoo.'  Much of 'circling' (as I say) is putting into practice theories from such prominent thought leaders as Brene Brown (de-armouring),  Kristin Neff (self-compassion), Barbara Fredrickson (positive resonance), Amy Cuddy (presence), Mirabai Bush (contemplation to action) Tara Mohr (inner guide) and more. 


This is a safe space to be fully you in all your wisdom.


I'm Dominique

Shae Elise Allen.jpg

Circling with Dominique was such a rich and fulfilling experience, she has the ability to hold a deep, safe and powerful space to share and be witnessed in ways that are rare and have helped to empower me to propel me forward in my life.

I highly recommend working with her to tap into your deepest truth. This work is

heart-opening, anchoring and so, so needed."


 Shae Elise Allen


It was so nourishing to be with a group of women who all made the decision to show-up for themselves (despite all the competing demands in theirs lives) and to invest in the vital work of self-leadership. 


This experience created in me the strong realisation that we are not alone and that we are hard-wired for connection.


Dominique is a gifted guide and facilitator of conversations that activate and connect.” 

Cassandra Goodman



  • All circles are held live in Melbourne

  • Add-on Retreat to go deeper and nourish further available

  • Payment plan available

  • Money back gaurantee. If you are not happy after the first circle you can request a full refund. 

  • No this is not a coaching program, but a blend of connection, reflection and action taking. In the spirit of LeanIn Circles and Masterminds, however Magnify promotes growth and change, but has a stronger emphasis on the personal process of connecting to the inner guidance mechanisms, rather than just intellectual awareness. 


One of my favourite authors, Glennon Doyle-Melton, says:

"You can’t build a strong, beautiful, complicated structure - whether it’s a building or a life – without SISTERING.   


Women are special, strong people who hold up the world. But sometimes life’s load gets too hard and heavy for them to carry alone.

I think the hard is purposeful: so that we’ll need our sisters."

What do we do in a Circle?

Processes in circle are from diverse wisdom & psychology traditions and include :

  • Opening the circle with meditation

  • De-armouring to be vulnerable and share in ways that catalyze real change

  • The Power of Witnessing/Deep Listening that move beyond mere psychological safety and create a field of possibility for women

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Visualisation for accessing the mind and your inner guide 

  • Journalling to explore themes

The circle holds for:

  • Turning insight into action

  • Positive Resonance with others

  • Breakthrough thinking

  • Stepping into your potential with courage

  • Supporting amazing women 

  • Practising 'presence'

  • Connection, love & laughter


Purchase Your Ticket Here


  • Yes, you can come for just the introductory circle The Listening.

  • If you commit to the Magnify Circle over 6 months, there is a money-back guarantee only after your first circle - Listening OR Source. 

  • I know the time tally is real, and you want to know if it's worth your time away from kids/loved ones. All I can say is, can you afford to not have time away to recenter on you, so you can show up more happy, more connected, more intentionally for those you love  & inspired in your vision for your life?

  • I hold an inclusive space for whatever your faith, spirituality or religious beliefs are, or if you have none in particular. 

  • This is not therapy and deeper mental health concerns would need more specific help, so reach out for that.  We do investigate limiting beliefs and open ourselves to emotional shifts in a supportive way.

  • This is also not an industry mastermind and the diversity of the group often creates the magic that we need as we learn from diverse perspectives.

  • This is not an informational program, but a transformational one where each woman creates the insight, healing or inspiration in the ecology of the group. There may be some exercises/research that I can give notes on if you are interested, just ask!


Can't make it to Magnify?

Download my Mindsets for Success Playbook below and join a sisterhood of purposeful women who are choosing to put their wellbeing and authenticity at the centre of their success. 


I love this playbook as a resource to keep me aligned to my best. Developed from Positive Psychology, gender science and evidence-based wisdom about applying our minds for optimal vitality and performance.   It has helped women understand their mindsets and improved what they focus on to better their health, wealth and leadership potential. 


tw logo white (1).png

At a complex time in my life the nourishment, love and gift of support provided by circling with a group of women held by Dominique was essential to my capacity to lead well in my family and work roles. 

The constellation of women provided a rock of solidarity and understanding and provided some of those vital things in life - a healthy perspective, love and laughter. 

Kelsaya, Regional Manager,

National Arts Organisation

& mother of 3

Pauline Portrait.jpg

“The meditation we did was deeply relaxing and put me in a positive mindset with hope for my future.  I don’t meditate as often as I would like to, so a guided meditation was ideal for me as a busy woman. Sessions with Dominique gave me a deeper understanding of mindset: the inner critic and focusing on empowering beliefs, building my confidence and telling myself “I can".

Pauline Langmead

want to join us?

“Spiritual growth requires the development of inner knowing and inner authority. It requires the heart, not the intellect.” 

                                                                   - Gary Zukav

“We can’t do it alone. We really need each other. Our lives are busy and full, yet we’re still struggling with individualism" 

                                                                 - Mirabai Bush

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