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 "Shine" is a coaching program to start you

living in alignment with your priorities,

getting clear on what is going to work better for you

 and feeling more fully alive and vital - aka shining a bit brighter. 

 Based in science-backed behaviour change practices.

Built with women's health and wellbeing expertise.  

You can know that this program will help you feel better. 

You will learn how to:

  • Align to your inner vision & values

  • Be curious about change, rather than sabotaging or anxious about change

  • Act on what you really want with boundaries, clarity and persistence 

  • Fill your cup. Yes! You will put your wellbeing back at the centre of all else

  • Learn how habits shift and make it happen with support

  • You will take inspired action 

  • Create moments to boost your mental wellbeing and increase your mojo for life

  • Access personal development frameworks that you can take with you including understanding unconscious blockers and working with a proven nueroscience-backed process to help create a future you desire



          You will recieve:

  • 360• Wellness Review of the Temple Vitals

  •  Shine Playbook supports your progress and learning about creating change 

  • How to craft 'gift goals'

  • Turn poor habits into positive rituals

  • Track your progress on goals that matter

  • Science of habit change & motivation

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Keys to Womens Wellness & kicking burnout 


I have crafted the Temple Vitals based on up to date Positive Psychology theories (PERMAV),

well-researched domains of wellness & interwoven areas that impact specifically on women.

Let me support you to prioritise what will help you in your journey

to experience  greater health, happiness and fulfillment.


Your 360*  Review will help us find the most powerful areas to shift.

Creating awareness is one key in developing motivation to change habits.

Getting the unconscious and conscious lining up also helps people flow

more easily into behaviours that uplift rather than drag our energy down. 

What is involved?

  • Shine is a 6 week program  (Why? This gives you the foundations to shift anything and a successful boost for your current goals/habit shift.)

  • 1 hour RAE Session to release subconscious patterns 

  •  1-2 hour Vision & Goals Session

  • 4 x 1:1 45 min coaching accountability sessions

  • 360* Playbook to support you

  • email support between sessions and final review

  • Easy upfront & payment plans available


This Program will...


• align you to an inner vision for what you want

• craft practical steps & impact areas that have the greatest effect on your wellbeing & happiness 

•build power around stress, boundaries

•boost your self-care & self worth

•optimise your life, relationships and work


 Please note: This is not for you if you suffer on-going challenging mental or physical health issues that you do not already have help with or are not

willing to gain help from external health professionals for. 

This is a program where I partner with you and facilitate conversations and processes that support you to shift your patterns, self-awareness, behaviours and identity. You are the one that is ultimately responsible for your outcomes and I love working with ethical women who are ready to unblock their patterns and be more of who they want to be in life. 

Are you sick of feeling run down, overwhelmed, stressed or lacking in joy? 

Let's chat and see if we are a fit for working together in a Shine Program. 

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100% Guarantee for your satisfaction in the program offered. Write your reasons of disatisfaction if you would like to end your coaching program and recieve a refund. 

"As a mother of  3 young children re-entering my career after 3 years of focus on parenting.

I felt ready but held back by circumstances.

Working with Dominique I found renewed inspiration and motivation and practical tips to make my work and self-care goals more doable. 

Dominique has a great passion for tuning in and offering insights and wisdom, is both intuitive and dynamic in her coaching and I highly recommend working with her." 


Holly, Acupuncturist

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The Shine Atelier in Wellness Centres

What women say -

Mel ​- Shine Group Coaching

"This helped me step back out (after kids) and take some bold steps. (Dominique) she evoked something in me that really changed my life. If you're struggling... this work could change your life. I highly recommend it"

Cassandra - Shine Ecent 

"It was a most inspiring morning.. Dominique held such heart-opening conversations with and incredible bunch of women... It is a beautiful way to connect with yourself, with others and how you might put your oxygen mask on first and nourish yourself in such busy times" 

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