Which Wellbeing Woman are You?

October 12, 2017



Wellbeing or Wellness is a broader term than health. When our physical health is ok we may still not be well. And when we have health issues we may feel well mentally or spiritually. 


Wellness is a characteristic of an overall state of well-being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Wellness in today's writing I suggest can show up as Vitality and Resilience. 


Below are some scenarios for women that may point to an imbalance in your lifestyle that could be causing a less than optimal state of your wellbeing. By no means are they exhaustive!


Do any of them sound like you in any way? Do you identify with bits of one and bits of another? What message could this be telling you?  What areas would you like to change? What support will you get? What actions will you take? This is a great prompt to create some new goals and habits. Dive in and see.. Let me know how you go.  And if you want any support for crafting new habits and getting your wellbeing optimised, Get in touch!


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Situation #1 - Vitality Depressed.

I'm in a job, relationship or situation I'm not fully satisfied in. I'm not sharing and connecting to my purpose or voice. I am low in energy not because of poor habits or any health concerns, but because my sense of connection, achievement and self-expression of my needs or purpose are hindered.  I can often feel lethargic even though I exercise or go to yoga or pilates and eat great food.  I want to feel valued, connected and like I am a contribution to life. 


Situation #2 - Vitality Depleted.

I'm working too much. I need to put in place boundaries for work so I can get more family/friend/lover time to get those hits of oxytocin from hugs and serotonin from pleasurable play, hobbies and relaxation.  I need to relax and switch into my parasympathetic nervous system more often to lower cortisol from stress and defend against adrenal fatigue and stress related illnesses. I could consider doing yin yoga, dance or pilates in stead of strong vinyasa or crossfit. I want more fun. I need to call a friend!


Situation # 3 - Vitality Compromised.

Some say I'm a fitness freak. My nutrition is awesome.  Work hard, play hard. However I may be addicted to coffee and alcohol, putting my liver through a work out too.  I'm on a bit of mental overdrive and I don't get as much sleep as I'd like.  I could be compromising my pelvic health because I overlook that my exercise workout schedule is causing me to be incontinent (too much stand up spin, crossfit, running or crunches) or compromising my fertility or hormone balance from overwork. 


Situation # 4  Resilience Depressed.  

Too long in the comfort zone, too long prioritising others (workaholic or busy mum) or too engaged with a disempowering mainstream culture,  I turn to comfort food, comfort friends, I am perhaps more sedentary or I may be more rigid in a particular type of exercise and its showing up in health issues or injuries.  I may not be getting the right movement and/or nutrients from food to nourish my body and brains physical needs and I may be preocuppied with health concerns. I may have a physical health concern and know I need to change my lifestyle habits to improve my situation.


Situation #5 - Resilience Depleted.

I live in a stressful environment for my immune system like noise pollution, a house with mould, excess chemicals or bad Electro Magnetic Frequecies. I perhaps feel that my body is letting me down.  It feels like I am stressed or sick on-goingly.  I need support for my health issues. I may be doing yoga and meditation but they are not enough. 


Situation #6 - Resilience Compromised.

Although I'm successful I have not the greatest mental habits - I'm critical on myself - and my thoughts keep my state of wellbeing in a negative loop of worry, stress about the future, sadness about the past, comparison or resentment. All of these states effect my health and have effects on my wellbeing in daily life in my relationships and in what lifestyle choices I make. I want to have greater personal power and peace of mind on a daily basis. I need to connect to my breath more. 


Sitution #6 - Vitality and Resilience Optimised.

I am rocking it! I am feeling satisfied with work and life in general. I have small injuries or minor illnesses that I recover from quite quickly, my nutrition supports my vitality however now I want to self-actualise.  I want greater peace and ability to perform at my best. I desire peak vitality and full expression of my purpose. I love going to yoga, pilates and exercising and I want to design my habits to support the best version of me.  I cant wait to explore my potential.  


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