5 Tools to Get You Unstuck this Winter's End

August 6, 2018


Even the best intentions can get side-swiped by old default thinking from the past. Heres some quick tips to keep you running forward with your goals and visions. 


1 Connect deeply with your 'Why'.  

This internal motivator is key in your ability to draw you forward.  Identify both sides of the vision - Why do you have these goals? What are you moving toward? AND What are you moving away from? 


2 Identify any blocks.  

Don’t take it personally! Find what learning is there for the taking & what skills or know-how you need to get to the next stage of development. When I talk to women I ask them - is it motivation, confidence or know-how you need to get to where you want to go? Sometimes we can confuse the lack of know how with confidence and vice versa. (Sidenote -Its good to know that statistically women tend to feel like they need more skills to be confident and it can hold them back vocationally. So identify your strengths and have confidence that you can develop the skills. Not all blocks are skills based, but belief based). 


3 What new belief could you entertain to get you through to the next level? 

A negative belief about yourself or this situation will keep you locked in to previous patters & the negative emotions associated will keep your creative thinking limited too. Open up to new affirmations and new empowering beliefs to foster a more positive mindset and positive emotions to boost your creativity and resilience to boost you through the tough spots. 


4 Is fear or procrastination showing its head?

Notice the body sensations. This is not just a personality thing, this is a biological trait in being human. We have triggers that biologically try to keep us safe. Make the first step a micro movement to offset the power of the reptile brain and keep you moving forward. Making small movements has the reptile brain feel safe to act. Eventually this leads to momentum as confidence builds. 


5 Who could help?

When we’re stuck we can feel vulnerable and want to protect ourselves. But opening up to supportive people can move us forward and remind us that the right people can help us feel accepted and OK for how we feel, at the same time as encouraging us to move forward into change. 



Would you benefit from coaching in your life to move forward on your goals? I love working with women who are up-levelling into new beliefs about their self-confidence and loving their lives as they contribute fully to their purpose. 


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