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As women we embrace the glorious feeling of being in our skin.


 We draw on our unique hormonal cycles to support our wisdom

and watch our lives flow with more ease

when we apply it to exercise, life, business and relationships.


 We celebrate the sensuous feeling of guiding our lives in a centred way

that listens to the heart, the intuition and the mind -

a way that lives our lives from an embodied wisdom.

We honor ourselves and show ourselves care in positive thoughts, positive practices and positively nourishing food and drink.  


We gracefully accept the shape, age and stage of life we are in,

not judging ourself from external standards

but by bringing presence to each moment of aliveness in our bodies and

finding the right exercise, food, movement, career

and pursuits that enliven us!


As women we savor the experience of being connected to our sexual/sensual powerhouse in a positive, empowered and life-enhancing way - a way that can create awesome businesses, thriving relationships

and deep spiritual peace. 


We cherish the connection with other women, now ripe with trust

knowing we are one sisterhood; 

girls, young women, mothers, queens and elders.


Vital.  On purpose.  Shining. 

We rise together. 


Temple Well Manifesto

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