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Temple Teens

Workshops for Young Women's Wellness

Finding harmony between success and wellness in a young woman’s life.


One-off talks or package programs that educate, inspire and empower young women. 



Wellbeing as young woman
Honoring gifts in your hormonal cycle
Unplug from 'comparisonitis'
Wellness and the media
Self care rituals and mindfulness - what do they have to do with eachother?
Learning to outsmart your brain for success.
Is leadership just for girls who want to be bosses?












1:1 Coaching available for young women aged 15+


Why have your teen daughter work with Dominique?

Applying 20 years experience working with young people developing their confidence, self-awareness, sense of agency and enjoyment in life Dominique now offers her latest ‘wellness and success’ offering The Shine Workshop to teens.

Making sure young women have education on healthy lifestyle, positive psychology, awareness of how to make personal change and value themselves as young women this program is not a counseling intervention, but a program to foster strengths, set goals and understand there is a journey involved in reaching for your dreams.


When we harness the power within us we are happier, healthier and able to give our gifts more fully - which quite frankly - the world needs!

The Shine Workshop

Individual coaching for Teens

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