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Feminine Leadership


I use evidence-based training to specifically
support and bring out the best
in Female Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. 
Because I believe that the world needs a new kind of leadership. And I'm not alone. 
A survey of 60,000 people across 13 countries defined that feminine traits, strengths and values
would create a more hopeful future.  
And did you know:
High performing organisations have twice as many women leaders.

Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015 (GLF), a survey of over 2,000 global organizations in all industries. We compared the top 20 percent high-performing organizations to the bottom 20 percent, and high-performing organizations have twice as many women leaders (37 percent vs. 19 percent).

What would be possible for your business or company
if your women leaders were thriving?
What if you had coaching support for your brand clarity, your purpose, strengths and mindset to achieve your vision for yourself as an entrepreneur or leader?
Reflecting in the Meadow

Design wellbeing to bring optimal performance out... 

Professional Woman Sitting
women leading

Use evidence-based methods for increasing the capacity of female staff...

Meditation Class

Reset to reconnect and renew your staff's energy and focus...

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Wellness & Optimal Performance Workshops, Group Coaching, 1:1 Coaching


Re-imagining success you design wellbeing across the domains to increase vitality and performance at work and best practice recovery out the office. You will set goals for professional and private life, because off-field is important time to regenerate and keep at your best. Olympic coaches note that a lot of human error and loss of focus comes at the expense not of what is happening in the game but what is happening at home. 

Using Positive Psychology tools you will reframe challenges, connect you to your vision and get your wellbeing back at the core to build a life that brings out the best in you for optimum work success & for igniting the best in others if you are a leader and  igniting client satisfaction for service based businesses. 

We explore: Boundaries, savoring the positive, self-care habits (rest, move, eat, play, connect), mindfulness, energy prioritisation,  wheel of wellness, PERMAV of positive psychology and emotional leadership.


The culture of your company rests with its leaders. Do you want innovation and optimal performance? Lift your team up with you.


Womens Leadership Workshops, Group Coaching & 1:1 Coaching


Thriving Women Leaders is an evidence-based approach, uniquely designed to help women like you develop a true understanding of your strengths, a plan for your career and personal brand, and the grit to become the authentic, agile leaders your businesses need you to be.


You will learn about limiting & empowering beliefs for female leaders, address the confidence gap that might hold you back and look at ways you can map new habits and goals that will bring your best to your business or work.  Based in up to date research from the fields of business, organisational development, positive psychology and neuroscience.

Optimal women’s performance capitalises on your unique feminine strengths as a leader, explores Executive Presence and builds confidence in your ability to perform at your best as you stick to your big goals with grit. 

Enhancing your female leadership will bring great results to your business or company both financially and culturally with top performing organisations having twice as many female leaders, as those at the bottom. 

This is based on the Lead Like A Woman program by Michelle McQuaid and Megan Dalla Camina, which has been used at NAB, Price Waterhouse Coopers amongst other top organisations. 

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