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Hi! The world is changing so much.

I know you want to feel able to face the challenges. 

Want to go upstream with me?

Imagine leading with intention and confidence. 

You are supported, present

& uplifted to face the changes around you. 

This cracking open actually creates a shift -

 a time to stay true to you. 

Are you craving a way to feel better, even more confident in the face of this crisis?

Are you becoming aware of the 'out of alignment' bits of your life? 

Maybe you are stuck with busy-ness, or overwhelm from trying to do everything right, even brilliantly.  

How would it feel to have permission to debrief the honest juggle of work-home-life, to practice powerful mindset tools and feel renewed with insight on how to move forward... and the accountability to stay the path to your vision? 


Let's get a handle on the practical home stuff and the professional resilience we need.


Let's dial up our connection to our purpose, our heart and lead from our values.

Let's magnify our capacity to feel good amidst change.  

Let's keep our wellbeing, relationship and work goals juiced up together! 


This is all to be found upstream where we are not reacting from the past, from the stress or from worry, but creating from intention.  

Upstream is where we create our vision and face the changed world  with internal power and grace.  


Upstream is where we reset our inner compass, take care of ourselves and we watch the flow on effect around us, with our families, our partners, our teams, our clients. 

I know you've already got a lot of skills to face these challenges, but it's exhausting by yourself and you know it can be more supportive & way more uplifting with a team in your corner. 

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Your'e navigating new work arragements (thank goodness homeschooling has stopped, but you never know when that might start again)

  • Your partnering pressures have amped up as you are spending time on top of eachother at home (hopefully in more than one way...) 

  • You are doing your best to use the 'mindset tools' you have but you want a space for your emotional health to thrive 

  • You are ready to create new boundaries, new routines, new expectations, even new beliefs 

  • You want to drop the endless to-do list to tune into how you can be on purpose and serve or grow at this time

  • You want to even out those grumpy moments with people you love (including yourself) and enrich your relationships

  • You want to drop the masks, drop the "i've got it under control" story and get real with  a conscious group of women who will hold space for you to show up in your vulnerability and your power. #weareallhuman

  • You want to be accountable to that woman inside of you that wants to rise right now

There is no doubt this time means we will collectively face large uncertainty & still need to make new decisions. 


To have the resilience to face them you will need to keep your stress low, your good vibes high and your awareness of what you can control in check. 

Let me tell you what will help (from research in psychology, bodymind medicine, women's leadership and neuroscience):

  • Moving and exercising regularly.

  • Staying connected socially for work and fun.

  • BodyMindset tools like meditation, visualisation, breathing.

  • Making your partner your best friend. 

  • Having some fun with your kids. 

  • Taking inspired action. 

  • Leading others with your tank full, not depleted.

  • Responding mindfully rather than reacting. 

  • Feeling it all and not shaming the worried, angry or sad parts of you.  Or feeling guilty for your joy and happiness. 

  • Honouring what is changing inside of you from this crisis. 

  • Letting go of having to be perfect, numbed-out or stuck.

  • Fostering appreciation, gratitude & silver linings.. 

It takes women together to create a powerful, unshakable container to be more of who we want to be in this. Sorry, but our men, or our kids are not going to usually walk up and say 'hi, how can I help you rise into your power today?'  Scarily I have heard it said more than once, that our men are conditioned to take. Even when they are loving, even when they want you to be all you can be. The enculturation of millenia is hard to see sometimes. 

To be the leaders we want to be. 

To lead our lives how we design them into this new world order.

We need to lift ourselves, and have a team on our side. 

Call in your power

Sound good?

Image by Georgiana Sparks


You can share the challenges authentically, whilst not getting lost in the stress. These women will support and uplift you to show up as confidently as possible. 

Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie


 How you navigate your home life will create more joy or more worry. Get practical tips on relationships as well as the  connection that takes the pressure off those people.   

Image by Noah Buscher


This is a time to not skimp on self care or things you love. Our brains work best when we have sleep, movement and good food and company. And let's seize the moment! 


involved ?

  • 8 weeks of group coaching circles 

  • Support for - work - home - wellbeing.

  • Powerful tools & meditations to nourish & empower you 

  • Authentic supportive space with conscious purposeful women 

  • Optional 1:1 transformational coaching

First Introduction Circle FREE 

Connect and drop the isolation.

Tap into your vision for who you want to be.

Be authentic about the changes & challenges.

Create calm, connection and a positive outlook.  

setting your vision - Upstream Leading

FREE Introduction Circle


 Group Coaching Circles

practical grounding helps the brilliant flourish

(you can't do it all) boundaries 101


new routines

calm the complexities

increase your energy

with micro changes to routines


happy, healthy habits

let go of the past and create from possibility

tools for leading work and life


inventing the future

checking your thoughts

leading through communication



a powerful ally

using stress powerfully

body, mind, soul, circles


complete the

stress cycle

permission to trust yourself

& be braver amidst change - if not now, when?


path of confidence

8 weeks of group coaching circles that support these pillars of: work - home - wellbeing.

6 powerful themes drawing on my expertise, training and wisdom 

to nourish you and your self-leadership 

Optional 1:1 transformational coaching


I am passionate about sharing body-mindset tools that can bring your inner visions confidently to life.  No more running on habit - it's creating life by design. 


I use a blend of  science & soul - with coaching psychology, positive psychology, women's wellbeing, neuroscience knowledge & spiritual wisdom from over ten years of journeying in Women's Circles, yoga, meditation and personal development.  


My greatest desire is for women to align to the power within and release limiting blocks to live a life aligned to their desires and potential.


I am passionate about women leaders, mothers and business owners claiming their confidence & wellbeing to create their version of success. 

Until I was a mother I did not realise how the cards are (still) stacked against women in certain ways. I did not know what confidence mind traps I had.  As a Lead Like a Woman Coach I promote gender positivity and help women move beyond the ways we can keep ourselves stuck. 


It is time for us to break the patterns of the past and rise up.  

I am here for you if you are wanting the mentoring on your path to confidence, to move bravely toward where your inner stirrings are calling you. 

Half of my whole life, since the age of 21 when I worked in an orphanage, I have known the value of life is to give back. 

Let me give to you. Let me serve your greatest gifts to flourish. Your habits to shine. Your heart to be on fire.

The next step is possible.

Let's dance with your new evolution. 

Want all the certificates: Professional Bio HERE

Hi I'm Dominique 


At a complex time in my life the nourishment, love and gift of support provided by circling with a group of women held by Dominique was essential to my capacity to lead well in my family and work roles. 

The constellation of women provided a rock of solidarity and understanding and provided some of those vital things in life - a healthy perspective, love and laughter. 

Kelsaya, Regional Manager,

National Arts Organisation & mother of 3

Pauline Portrait.jpg

The meditation we did was deeply relaxing and put me in a positive mindset with hope for my future.  As a busy woman, I don’t meditate as often as I would like to, so a guided meditation was ideal for me. Sessions with Dominique gave me a deeper understanding of mindset: the inner critic and focusing on empowering beliefs, building my confidence and telling myself “I can".

Pauline Langmead

Shae Elise Allen.jpg

Circling with Dominique was such a rich and fulfilling experience, she has the ability to hold a deep, safe and powerful space to share and be witnessed in ways that are rare and have helped to empower me to propel me forward in my life.

I highly recommend working with her to tap into your deepest truth. This work is heart-opening, anchoring and so, so needed."


 Shae Elise Allen,


It was so nourishing to be with a group of women who all made the decision to show-up for themselves (despite all the competing demands in theirs lives) and to invest in the vital work of self-leadership. 


Dominique is a gifted guide and facilitator of conversations that activate and connect.” 

Cassandra Goodman

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