The Bloom Intensive



1:1 Premium  
12 month Personal Development Transformation for Women


In The Bloom Intensive you will create a vision that will step you more fully into

your vitality, confidence, satisfaction and joy. 

You will redefine your values, your vision for success and hook into your own deep wisdom that may have been clouded with busy-ness and other people's needs. 


As your coach I will help you fine tune your vision and goals and walk the path with you through the challenges

to the transformation on the other side.  

We carve out a space for you to tune back into your soul,

giving you time to notice what needs to change so you can

get yourself fully optimised 

so you can have a life full of the good stuff - success as you define it. 

What is involved?

A deep program that gives you the holistic perspective that life transformation requires.
You gotta bring the power source - the desire, and I will bring the accountability and bounceboard
for you to hear and adjust to what you want to create in your life. 
We look at any beliefs that might be holding you back and
apply the neuroscience for how you can create what you want. 

Using the soul and science of coaching 

(along with a good dose of yummy goddess nourishment) you will revitalise and bloom in your potential, understanding that your wellbeing and authenticity is at the centre of your success.

Let's set your purpose alight to shine! 

  • 3 hour Vision Session 

  • 14  x  1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Half price and free events, including day events and workshops to connect to other sisters on the journey.

  • 360* Life Domains Review

  • Access to my resources - Gifts in Your Cycle & the Shine Atelier Playbook

  • Access via email as you need

  • 2 x 30 min phone call follow up after our last session

  • Bonus Premium Wellness goodies for you to enjoy from product partners.

Are you ready to Bloom?

- Clare, Director, Actress, Writer - 

Premium Client

"When I commenced coaching with Dominique I felt like a broken bird and within 6 months Dominique taught me to fly!


The vision we created in our first session, almost unbeknownst to me, was a vision I never expected to achieve and yet I am living my vision every day. The steps we took to define my vision were slow and measured and at times I completely changed my goals or course of action, but every step was always forwards and led me closer to my vision.


Dominique creates a great space for exploration and self-discovery.  Coaching with her is uplifting, inspiring, fun, exciting and challenging. She is insightful and had an extraordinarily clear understanding of how to guide me to identify and follow my soul calling.  Dominique is true to her word, organised, punctual, delivers on her promises and follows up after every session.


Dominique has equipped me with many tools and new practices. I am so proud that the habits I have implemented through coaching are continuing to fill my days.  The more self-love I allow myself, the more productive I seem to be.


I am clearer on my willingness to simply listen to what my gut is telling me regardless of what my head (or books or well-meaning friends) are saying and I feel more confident that I can achieve more than I ever thought possible. I now have such clarity and purpose. I’m amazed at how I’m now living my vision. It’s a dream come true!


I’m definitely on a much happier and more fulfilling path.


The little “goddess”  gifts Dominique bought me as one of her premium clients were incredibly thoughtful and filled my soul. 


I have been so blessed to have Dominique there with me as I embarked on discovering my soul calling and vision for my future – which is actually now my present.


Thankyou Dominique, you are a goddess of the earth. I am so blessed to have you as my coach."