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TempleWell Workouts

TempleWell Workouts are a range of full body workouts for when you want to 

get flowing, burn up the floor, get your heart rate up & strengthen. 

A mix of workouts from hiit style strength, cardio, pilates & femme flow movement. 


Extend & Burn - Strength 

Hiit style workouts with heavy dumbells. 

More high-impact cardio than other w/outs.

Pilates core burners. 

Get hot. 

Get strong. 



Pilates, flow & fun in pyjamas. 

Best 10-20 min workout for your morns.

Roll out of bed & get moving, with core & body weight exercises & mobility moves that pump you for your day!

Fluid, flowin, powerful. 



A strong flow of Pilates core burners, hip & glute work with standing leg & plank sets that fire you up. Might be some barre inspired moves in here too. ;) 

Tone & lengthen.

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