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Pelvic Love

Pelvic Love is your journey to loving and understanding what your pelvis needs after becoming a mother. 

But more than that - it is a doorway to empowering you with your feminine embodied wisdom. 


Pelvic Knowledge


- basic posture & anatomy

- dyfunctions - tight & weak

- prolapse, incontinence & pelvic pain 

- what to do to heal & function well 


Stretches & Exercises

Short exercise & stretch sets to help you improve symptoms & change habits for the better.  Learn full functional pelvic floor exercise rather than just squeezing a kegel! 


Feel Empowered 

When you access this wisdom in the body - you will feel in control & more confident in your activities & when the time is right - even sexier in your skin as a woman.  The pelvis is your sexual powerhouse. 

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