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I am not a health professional, physical therapist or physiotherapist.


This website is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to help diagnose any medical condition. If you think you have a condition like, but not limited to, prolapse, incontinence or pelvic pain please make sure you see a health professional to assess your postbirth situation as these symptoms can worsen and need specialist support. My classes do not replace specialist phsyiotherapy or gynoecological expertise. 


My specialist training in Post Natal Exercise and Rehabilitation of Pelvic Floor and Core qualifies me to guide participants of my sessions in general pelvic floor exercises and core training only, not specialised training for assessing specific pelvic floor regimes for different issues.  I work with conservative measures for pelvic floor health and refer women when more assessment and treatment with specialists are required.


Further, the General Pelvic Floor guidance I offer is in accordance with national peak bodies recommendations on pelvic floor health and the same as offered in recognised texts such as: Pelvic Floor Essentials by physiotherapist Sue Croft and Inside Out  A complete Guide to Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises for Women by physiotherapist Michelle Kenway.


Please see a health care professional before you start any exercise program. 


I am not a health professional, nor a Personal Trainer.


I offer my classes as a tertiary educated dance teacher with specialist information on dance conditioning in Barre and Post Natal Exercise. Within the realm of my expertise is technique, posture, correcting alignment, teaching physically challenging choreography, muscle conditioning practices to improve strength, flexibilty and agility, warming up, cooling down stretches, breathwork connecting to the body, a level of yoga stretching and the modifications necessary to adjust a class to a post natal client including the afore mentioned general pelvic floor and pilates based abdominal core exercises.


My programs have been designed and delivered from my training, research and experience and by no means replace a qualified personal exercise trainer or again, a womens health physio. 


I take no responsility in any damages that you may incur from participating in Barre or Pilates classes.


All bodies are different.  You must assess your own needs by being cleared to exercise by a health professional as well as taking into account the opinion of post natally trained exercise specialists through screening tests to ascertain the possible risks of your situation. Then may you take responsible choices based on these assesments. 


See my Favorites page for more resources and places to go for support post natally  or if you suffer pelvic organ prolapse.


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