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"As a mother of  3 young children re-entering my career after 3 years of focus on parenting. I felt ready but held back by circumstances. Working with Dominique I found renewed inspiration and motivation and practical tips to make my work and self-care goals more doable. I achieved a shift in my time management and converting ideas into results. Turning to gratitude has trained me to be more conscious about noticing what I am achieving and I find promoting that approach is the kindest and most productive way to be." 


 Holly, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioner

"Dominique has the ability to hold a deep, safe and powerful space to share and be witnessed in ways that are rare and have helped to empower me to propel me forward in my life.

I highly recommend working with her to tap into your deepest truth. This work is heart-opening, anchoring and so, so needed."


 Shae Elise Allen

“The meditation we did was deeply relaxing and put me in a positive mindset with hope for my future.  I don’t meditate as often as I would like to, so a guided meditation was ideal for me as a busy woman. Sessions with Dominique gave me a deeper understanding of mindset: the inner critic and focusing on empowering beliefs""

Pauline Langmead, Melbourne Photography

“I have just experienced a beautiful morning with the gorgeous Dominique at her Shine Through Winter event.  It was so nourishing to be with a group of women who all made the decision to show up for themselves this morning (despite all the competing demands in their lives) and to invest in the vital work of self-leadership.  This experience created in me the strong realisation that we are not alone and that we are hard-wired for connection. We all need help to move through the fog of rumination, fear, denial and resentment...and into a space of clarity, activation and connection (with our own hearts and with the hearts of others).


Dominique is a gifted guide and facilitator of conversations that activate and connect.” 

Cassandra Goodman

"Dominique creates a great space for exploration and self-discovery.  Coaching with her is uplifting, inspiring, fun, exciting and challenging.  The more self-love I allow myself, the more productive I seem to be. I now have such clarity and purpose.  The little goddess gifts Dominique bought me as one of her premium clients were incredibly thoughtful and filled my soul.  I’m amazed at how I’m now living my vision. It’s a dream come true!"





I feel like I've been taking my time to know where I am going and slow down to be more considered as I move forward and let go of ways that aren't serving me anymore.

Dominique is generous, committed and passionate. She always shows up fully present with a clear focus and pathway to follow each session. I have much more clarity and certainty around my business and some fabulous new connections and resources  to support my growth moving forward.

 Michelle Mullins, Director

"After every session with Dominique I have a renewed sense of confidence and purpose with clarity on the direction I am heading, which is often where I get lost on my own.

I know that without Dominique, I probably would have given up on my goals months ago"






"I had a huge turn around from feeling limited by my fears

to following the love of my work." - Anna


"Dominique is a wonderful, warm and intelligent woman and

extremely knowledgeable within her field of expertise." - 



"I loved the experience.

I felt very supported and it was something I looked forward to each week.  

It assisted me to move forward

on some of the challenges that I was having in my business,

both inner and outer challenges!" - Briohny



"I'm so busy looking after other people so its great

to give some attention to myself and where I'm headed."  


"We are all searching and want to succeed in different ways. I've learned heaps and opened up heaps. All the resources that were given to us I'm blown away with. It's amazing. I've grown as a person and I'm clearer about what I have to do."       -Lainie


"I felt really held. She has a great combination

of organisation, direction and feminine listening and

picking up on what is happening in the moment.” - Victoria


"Coaching with Dominique was a really positive and helpful experience that helped me explore new strategies to solve my personal challenges in relation to my career advancement. Dominique really listened to me and provided great strengths-based suggestions which were eye-opening." - Cherish

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