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Hi, I'm Dominique


Here's some of my soul moments that have shaped me and given me the depth to hold you on your holistic life change journey...

If you want to skip on over to my professional Bio and Qualifications you can click through to that on the menu.  

Teen Years

  • I remember my mother's yoga book and telling a good samaritan that God is In Me. 20 years later I found this is the ethos of one of my spiritual communities at Siddah Yoga - I am That - God is in Me. (But I still shirk at the patriarchal language of the 'Lord' and 'His' power. ) And btw - you can have any spiritual belief you like, or none at all... 


20 years old:


  • I supported a close friend go through a major illness with the best holistic doctor, Dr Margaret Ngu, Head of the Integrative Medicine Association in Australia. She introduced us to mind-body medicine or psychoneuroimmunology. I remember clearly that day after my dear friend had endured years of medical tests and all sorts of treatments that Dr Ngu said "I'm here sitting next to you as a guide, but you are driving the bus".

  • I supported my friend as she healed through integrative medicine, art therapy and listening to her body and soul. 

  • Ten-day silent Vipassana meditation retreats and regular meditation practice

  • My first dip into Transformation Education that had me take responsibility for my life.


21 years old:   


  • Resident teacher at a World-Class Yoga Retreat, Maya Tulum (where I learned from world class teachers, taught Susan Sarandon, did Shavasana with Krishna Dass and danced for President Bill Clinton's daughter). Studying the Patanthali's Yoga Sutras, meditating, fasting, chanting; I embibed the spirit of yoga. 

  • I found happiness as I activated the Mother Archetype inside of me volunteering for 6 months in a Guatemalan Orphanage on cultural projects. I said to myself " I could die and I would be happy".

  • This was part of a year-long solo pilgrimage to Central America, there were also: hitchhiking across the desert with my 'trust' practice, sweat lodges and a water cleansing ritual with a native elder. This year was a soul stretching one, which began with learning Aikido so I could feel confident walking the streets of Mexico city alone! 


27 years old:  


  • Shamanic Women's Vision Quest (no food, no sleep, HOT sweat-lodges, and soul awakening connection with all of life).

  • Ran a Body Image Forum for teens and wrote to councillors about the effect of media on young women.


28 years old:


  • Transformation Education - stretched myself through self-investigation and transformational tools and created the miracle of the biggest hug from my dad since I was 3 yrs old, as well as other invaluable tools for living life powerfully and relating consciously.

  • I busted my own internal beliefs about myself and presented an academic paper at an International Dance Summit on my artistic partnership with young indigenous women.

34-35 years old:   

  • Sat with renowned spiritual healer John of God for a weekend spiritual retreat where I found my soul's clear "yes".

  • I journeyed the death of a dear sister and leader in my community.  I have been an advocate for women and the feminine since that time.  

  • I found love in my darling man and started a family (by surprise) 


36 years old:   

  • Now intitiated into motherhood with an empowered and natural birth, however I experience postnatal depression as my identity shifts and the challenges of raising a child dawn ( I later found out my son has a congenital heart condition that could have made this stage harder). 

  • I journey on my second pilgrimage, this time to Uluru/Kata Tjuta -just me and my toddler son. I embrace motherhood and accept the gifts of my son in my life. Feeling healed and nourished by this sacred land.


37 years old:    


  • Sexuality workshops. I learn the real facts about female anatomy and I unlock old patterns and beliefs that were effecting my sexual satisfaction, pleasure & my relationship with my husband.

  • I  face old fears and deep familial conditioning about expressing my voice (and get to sing with a live jazz band in front of 250 people! Ole self-talk - boom, kicked out! 


29-40 years old:   


  • Over Ten years and 400 hundred hours of Women's Mysteries work in circle with the moon's cycle, connected with nature. 

  • I healed my period pain after 25 years of popping pills. How? Through cycle awareness, revisiting my experience of my first period,  as well as by being supported by women with sacred womb and healing knowledge in my community. 

  • I participate in moon lodges from the Native American tradition.


40 years old:  


  •  After a healing Shamanic Drum Journey for Pregnancy with the wise Jane Hardwicke Collings my 2nd child is now on the scene and I am moved by the journey to recover my health and wellness of my body and mind.

  • I continue to explore the divine feminine, sexual well-being and pelvic empowerment.

  • I gain education from experts in the women's health, fitness and menstruality fields.

  • I train women in post natal fitness and wellness.  

  • I become a Qualified Coach to empower women so they can achieve what they most want in life.  

  • I continue to study topics like: nutrition, habit change, coaching methodologies, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, happiness, purpose & flow. 

  • I become a Lead Like A Woman Coach helping build confidence, feminine leadership and career clarity.  

  • Earn a Grad Certificate in Positive Psychology  (Honours) from Melbourne University.

  • Study Applied Neuroscience with Dr Sarah McKay who wrote the Women's Brain Book.

  • Resolve Client Self-Sabotage First Steps Richards Trauma Therapy - TRTP 

  • I love hiking with my women friends, family and solo. I love raw chocolate snickers bars. I adore my husband. I dig my kids. And know their heart felt gazes and sweet giggles to be the best medicine on the planet. 

  • I believe that women will help change the world into a better place for all and we gotta help each sister rise

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