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My Succulent Story

I have always been a dancer. Training in dance since I was 10, I went on to study Contemporary Dance and teach at University and perform in independant dance. However I began to question the value of the high arts and I started my yoga teacher training.  I worked in the world class yoga retreat centre Maya Tulum as a daily yoga teacher where I had my brush with fame teaching Susan Sarandon  and dancing for President Bill Clinton's daughters over dinner!  I also had an iguana in my yoga class on occasion too, that was kinda fun! But I didn't finish my yoga training as I followed my interest in empowering people through dance in community projects in stead of in the yoga studio. 


Years later, enter my first child. I was working teaching dance, keen on multiple day bushwalks as well as rock climbing and then BAM! - my body was no longer my own. My recovery from birth was slow. I had pain for 7 months in my hips. No one told me i could go and get a reduced rate on what were expensive specialists for me as an artist, so I saw it out.  I dropped my teaching with the pressures of mothering and suffered post natal depression as I could'nt balance my needs with my childs needs. But I found joy again as I got HIIT fever with on-line exercise legend Zuzka. And when my son was 2 I felt fit enough again to join a burlesque cabaret group to express my interest in womens archetypes. Yep I got to tick off my bucket list singing jazz songs in front of a red velvet curtain and dancing in a sparkle of glitter (and not much else)! My Succulent Woman was being born.  


During my pregnancy with my second child I was determined to find a way to make my body the emphasis of my journey into and out of the birthing process so i could avoid the depression i suffered last time. And so after performing a heartfelt dance solo at 39 wks pregnant and performing again post birth with my 3 month old, I reclaimed my motherly body as the centre of my gifts.  I still had no handle on the scope of damage that I could have been causing my body in my return to exercise. 


Over the next months dealing with urge incontinence, poor posture with lower back pain, sacro illiac joint pain and a much heavier body than I'd had before in my life (cellulite on my arms was a shock for me)  this time I had a real need for intentional weight loss and I went on a healing journey with Pilates, Pelvic Floor Physio and Osteo treatment.  When I had regained pelvic floor and core control with Pilates it was Barre classes that supported my pelvic floor recovery further and safely worked on my rectus separation recovery as well as toning up my postpartum body! I had to wait over a year and a half before I could run, but I am clear that with Pilates and Barre the conditioning on my hips, core and glutes really made the difference. This is why I am passionate about sharing Barre. The results are fantastic. 


Now a qualified Barre Attack teacher I have gone out of my way to find the best experts to study with in the feild of Post Natal Exercise and Post Natal Pilates so that you can know i have the best information out there to support your return to exercise and am keen to see you supported with the health professionals you need to support you to feel well in your body, mind, emotions and spirit.



First Aid/CPR

Bachelor of Arts, Contemporary Dance - Deakin University

Yoga Teacher Training - incomplete

Post Graduate Diploma Community Arts/Dance - Victorian College of the Arts

Barre Attack - Balance Moves Pilates 

Post Natal Exercise - Pilates Physio Style 

AbRehab - Pregnancy Centre 

Core Foundations - Pelvic Floor First/The Continence Foundation 

Advanced Post Natal Assesment, Core Restore and Functional Exercise Programming - Jenny Burrel Education, UK (completing Oct 15)

Womens Sexual Embodiment Practices (Yoni Yoga) - Surya Soma

Attendee Womens Health and Fitness Summit 2015



SHORT BIO - Dominique Miller Osborn

My commitment to women came from circling in cycle with the moon in womens monthly moon gatherings for 6 years where I healed a 20 year old issue with period pain. I have taught yoga at internationally acclaimed retreat centre Maya Tulum in Mexico, performed in cabaret to celebrate the sensual feminine and have facilitated many dance classes /projects to empower people through the expression of their bodies including at Dancehouse, Australia's premier center for contemporary dance.  Currently I am in service to women offering my movement training in Barre and Post Natal Barre conditioning classes with an emphasis on pelvic floor wellbeing and supporting women to celebrate their succulence rather than emulate the masculine fitness ideal. 



Options for you with Dominique

  • Post Natal Barre Baby from 6 weeks

  • Work side by side with your Physio and Succulent

  • Barre Breathe from 6 months and for all women

  • Barre Attack stronger conditioning and increase weight loss

  • The Succulent Series brings vitality back to your sexuality

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