about me

Dominique utilises the soul and science of coaching to support women to create new options forward in their leadership and lives. 


She is a qualified Wellness Coach who holds a Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology from Melbourne University, a 'Lead Like a Woman' Coach that utilises evidence-based research to bring out women's best and holds expert knowledge in women's health and wellbeing. 


Join her to explore Thriving Women Leaders pillars of Vitality, Authentic Leadership, Vision & Mindsets for Success or her personal holistic coaching to help women thrive.  


Dominique is skilled in coaching psychology and change methods and utilises her foundation knowledge in neuroscience to underpin positive change both in group and 1:1 coaching. 


Working with Dominique connects women to their authentic voice, their vitality and their evolving identities as leaders of their lives. 



Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health - Neuroscience Academy w/ Dr Sarah McKay

Lead Like A Woman Coaches Program  - Michelle McQuaid and Megan Dalla-Camina

 Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology - Melbourne University (1st Class Honours) 

Certified Level 3 Wellness Coach - Wellness Coaching Australia ( with WellCoaches US)

Healthy Female Leadership - Helping Women in the Workplace Thrive - Global Women for Wellbeing

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine in PeriMenopause  -Integrative Womens Health Institute 

Stress Management  - Shaw Academy

What is a Mind? - Duke University Dept of Neuropsychology

Mindfulness for Peak Performance - Monash Uni

Advanced Training in Postnatal Core Restore and Functional Exercise - Burrel Education

Womens Athlete Wellness - Womens Integrative Health Institute

Womens Health and Fitness Summit 2015 

Feed My Brain Workshop- Gut/Brain Connection: Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Perfect Periods E-Course - Bridget Danner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Yoga Teacher Training (incomplete) - Australian Yoga Academy

Graduate Diploma in Community Partnerships  - Melbourne University (this underpins my skills in facilitation, creative solutions,  strengths based sustainable development, identity mapping)


Member: National Wellness Institute








Married since 2012

Mama to 2 boys

10 years of  Womens Circle work 

Silent Meditation Retreat -  Vipassana 10 day retreat

Hormone Harmony & Menstrual Cycle Literacy - Red School

Womens Tantra- Tantra is Love

Questing for A Vision - Traversing the Worlds of Self - IKON Institute Vision Quest 

An Invented Life: My Life My Design - Brain-science, cognition, theories of self,  Landmark Transformation Education

Communication Course: Access to Power  - Landmark Transformation Education

The Forum, Advanced Course and Self- Expression and Leadership Program - Landmark Education

Emotion Coaching Toddlers- Mindful, University of Melbourne