Gardening the Souls Life

April 20, 2017



I am Walking through nature - traversing a wild Forest Path.  A land that could swallow me up with its fronds,  flowers and ancient canopies.  I meander along the path, curving this way and that along the tall Mountain’s  side.  It is all lush green and wondrous.  But then around the next bend my soul delights  in a vision so balanced,  so exquisite,  my smile broadens to a grin at the sight.  What is it?  It is a Souls Garden.  a part of the forest that is a work of art, of exceptional beauty.  And it makes me reflect -  I have chosen paths in my life -  planted certain seeds in my garden-  cultivated  the beauty of my vocations,  but here in this Souls garden; spirit, chance and destiny have grown these seeds, this unique design.


To grow destiny's seeds -  not the ones we've chosen by our personality in reaction to our upbringing or life events?  Could this be a way to nourish a deeper meaning that brings satisfaction. 


 In the book “Seed of the Soul”  it describes: 


“when the personality comes to serve the energy of your soul:  that is authentic empowerment” ?


Where have you been planting seeds that have served your personality only? Your ego? Your desire for status or power?  To please others? To satisfy a narrative from your childhood? 


Liz Gilbert says; “ My soul is not guided by dreams of praise or fears of criticism…  my soul when I tend to it is a far more expansive  and fascinating source of guidance…   because my soul desires one thing: wonder”


What if we step into that wonder? What would we do?


What seeds of the soul are calling you now? Listen to that quiet voice from within. It might feel uncomfortable - notice the feelings in the body - rather than the logic in the head. Having a calling to contribute may not be small, feel easy or at this stage feel do-able. But to not listen would be an injustice to the small voice inside.  You can face fears and find steps to move past the uncomfortability, but to not listen may mean you live life on auto-pilot or lose the opportunity for greater meaning in your life. A calling may be a new vocation or it may be a way you contribute in your community. 


The soul desires wonder and it desires to express itself through love and connection. If we step into our calling or plant our souls seeds, this creates wonder not just for itself, but the wonder of serving a higher purpose, connecting to others and doing good in the world.  


What would you create in the world that would expand love and connection?

What would make a difference and feel aligned to your souls purpose?


If you would like to explore meaning and purpose and work toward getting your life feeling more satisfying on a daily basis get in touch to see if one of my Coaching Programs might offer the support you might need to make change. I help you get in touch with what will make the most difference in your life to improve your sense of wellbeing and empowerment. Our sense of meaning and purpose in life effects our sense of wellbeing and has been attributed to one of the 5 areas of Positive Psychology. 


Alternatively, If you are needing specific coaching with a Career Guidance Coach I recommend: Alice at Intent Mind or explore your soul in vocation with the Ensouling Our Work Workshops at Life Artistry Centre 



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