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"I love this class as a bit of a wind down to the weekend whilst still feeling the burn. The class is targeted at new mums with emphasis on glutes, deep core and pelvic floor. Variations on all exercises for all levels of strength & fitness."

- Amber, MOM Pilates, 23W Client - MindBody

"Dominique has a natural understanding of.. the human body, mind & soul. Guests rave about how she tailors her teaching

just for them"


 - Mark Nissley Manager Top 5 International Yoga Retreat,  Maya Tulum, Mexico

"Dominique's class was absolutely sensational, one of the. best classes I've attended. She was very careful of injuries and delivered a solid class" -






Reformer Client Pilates Republic


The challenges to being our greatest as a woman & a mother still exist: there's subtle gender stuff still happening in our careers and at home, there are great expectations in family life and there's the juggle of relationship demands...  

I'm here to remind you that the patriarchal structures haven't caught up yet and you need more support than culture wants to let on.

Perhaps you are needing some support on your team for your core recovery, for pelvic floor health, for a diastasis, for feeling like yourself in the midst of the growth into motherhood... 


Let's prioritise your wellbeing as a mother. 

Let's have you understanding the needs of the mother in your body

and your heart. 

I'm here to give the support you need for :

  • physical and emotional/spiritual recovery postpartum

  • building awareness of your needs as a mother

  • offering insight into the recovery process postpartum

  • understanding which physical stage you are in postpartum - and as a mother whether you are in the first year or with older children

My programs empower mothers to understand the recovery and restrengthening process of their bodies whilst integrating the journey into motherhood & the soul of the matriarch. 



No matter
what it looks like on the outside  
to others, 

our motherhood journey is
uniquely challenging & we can benefit from specialized support

I am...

A qualified Post Natal Specialist

A Mat Pilates & Reformer Instructor for 7 years 


A Certified Coach with Wellness Coaches Australia 


A Positive Psychology Graduate

(Melbourne University)


A Lead Like A Woman Coach

Applied Neuroscience Qualified

I  Value... 

Feminine Leadership


Empowered restrengthening


Physical and emotional growth

A structured approach to recovery for active mamas 

Addressing the silent bias in motherhood

I work with...

Mothers in the first year post birth

Mothers who are wanting to understand their bodies better

Women who want to have support for their pelvic wellbeing 

I can be an adjunct to your:

Allied Health Professionals



Personal Trainers

Fitness Classes

Buy the Guide! 
Empowering the Active Mama

Just want to start off by saying WOW!  This is an amazing resource! I wish I had it a few years ago but I'm super thankful to have it now.

There is so much in here that I have looked at and said oh wow that's another little issue I have noticed...

I've already started trying to implement some of the tweaks you mentioned during the class and look forward to my next class with you. 



Core Competencies in Coaching Education

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