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3 month on-line journey

part mastermind - part sisterhood



 feminine wisdom  


business growth and self care 

"Dominique is both intuitive and dynamic in holding group space. I felt motivated and activated throughout the process and  I completely recommend taking the unique opportunity to join a Powerhouse Circle with the intention to be open to all it can offer."


Holly, Acupuncturist






Red School, leaders in menstrual empowerment, call following your hormone flow:


 “the ultimate self care and stress management practice for women.”


Alissa Vitti says in her book Woman Code says:


“Women who partner with their hormones live more efficiently and strategically. These women end up becoming the fullest expression of themselves and live as leaders and change-agents in their lives and communities”


Ben Harvey, Authentic Education Coach (who studies the top communication strategies that NASA employ) states that in his experience coaching 10, 000 people: 


"Women are more likely to achieve their goals when they define them in relationship to a cycle like the seasons or the moon" 





Optimise and Align


In this day and age as entrepreneurs or business women we are either pulled off focus, we have a hard time listening to our bodies and we push through til adrenal burn out or make rash choices in business. The mindful and spiritual practice of listening to the messages of the body can help us find greater fulfilment, ease stress and help us optimise our workflow as we align with our bodies natural flow and our most authentic voice. A Powerhouse Circle connects us to our feminine power, our cycle. We use the cycle to keep our business goals on track, mapping in reflection, goal setting and celebrating the wins.  The women in circle lift us up from their insight and experience to support us to make unprecedented progress on our work. 



Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone



It is for women who are powerfully leading their lives and businesses with a mission to contribute to society soulfully but are wanting a more feminine model of goal-setting and imagining success. 


It suits women wanting connection and accountability to assist them to powerfully create a new vision or next chapter whilst fine tuning their self-care routines which includes (but is not limited to) working with the 4 stages inherent in the fertility cycle - her flow of feminine power. Working your gifts in the world does not mean suffering burnout, anxiety or overwhelm. This program can take you from bustling with stress or fumbling in underwhelm and lack of support,  to flow and satisfaction, giving you tools to use when you have left the circle. 



For Creatives, Therapists, Teachers

Freelancers + Entrepreneurs 



The Powerhouse Circle is a weekly touchstone with inspiring, professional women via video conferencing on-line to amplify the growth of our aspirations in a nurturing environment. It fosters authentic growth, increasing courage and clear minded actions. 


Together each week we will:

  • meditate to start with a clear mind

  • practice gratitude and appreciation : proven positive psychology tools for success

  • connect with your vision from your future self : let your subconscious forage for keys for your success

  • each sit in the Soul Seat to share a business or self/care challenge to gain insight/support from others - this self-reflection and gaining support, wisdom and expert advice from the group is the key to Powerhouse

  • take away actions gained from your insight

  • review materials based in positive psychology and coaching for mindset shifts

  • access the membership area for practical and mindset resources to connect to your inner power & stick fearlessly to your goals



 Your Own Goals Amplified



Powerhouse Circle works best when you set your own goals and use the circle for deep-diving, reflection, support, encouragement and accountability. When we gather to hold eachother accountable to our visions and our self-care simultaneously we experience results easier than if we tried to do it alone.  Did you know: By flying in V-formation, a whole flock of geese adds 72 percent greater flying range than if each bird flew alone. Researchers have found that when birds were flying in formation, their heart rates were lower than when they were flying solo. They also spent more time gliding, which saves energy. We can learn from this phenomenon and make our path easier too. 


In The Powerhouse each woman has focused time on the Soul Seat where we ask ourselves:



What do I need right now to flourish?  
What goals do I need to be held accountable on?
What needs to move in me to move my biz forward?


It is similar to a group coaching call, but all women have your back! This group energy of action and accountability helps your career and wellbeing goals to amplify.  Who doesn't want that?


This work is a blend of soulful women's circle and powerful mastermind group.


You will fit this group if:

  • you're tired of pushing and feel called to align with self-love or self-care practices

  • you want to connect to your fertility cycle (or moon cycle if you are peri/menopausal)

  • you can share your voice without needing to dull your light

  • you can offer empathy, expertise or support without trying to rescue someone

  • you can identify when you need to seek further support for personal or professional services (healthcare providers for menstrual concerns, therapists for emotional concerns or business providers for business-based concerns)  

  • you have a goal that you would like to make progress on, get unstuck from, smash outa the ball park!... whilst not throwing your self-care outa the window!


Choose Your Sprint...


Women can choose to work on defined ‘sprints’, ‘deadlines’, 'visions' 'goals' 'processes' or ‘practices’ either as the outcome of the entire seasons timeline, or within it.  Visioning, mapping, reflecting and re-setting our sails are parts of the seasonal process.


You may be: gaining clarity at the start of a business or new project, taking your business to the next level but dont want to burn out as you achieve your deadline,  letting go of old ideas and making way for the new, wanting to know what all the fuss is about with working with your hormonal cycle or you want support to better honor your own self-care practices in the face of running your business.





Dominique holds a nuturing, loving circle that supports women to grow in their awareness of themselves, receive and give support, and reflect and put new actions and mindset in place that are positive and supportive to the growth of themselves and their dreams and goals. I learnt in the circle what will work for me to help me grow into my business. 


                - Victoria, Pilates and Meditation Teacher

A Mastermind or Powerhouse?

Mastermind groups were popularised  75 years ago when they were written about in Think and Grow Rich,  by Napolean Hill, which in his formulation he called the Mastermind Alliance- to have more than one mind working on solving a problem. Even Thomas Edison – inventor of the lightbulb was a part of a group, so was Henry Ford and so was Benjamin Franklin in 1727 – a discussion group that helped form the first lending library in North America’s history.


So men in the west have historically been using masterminds to create solutions and build businesses for decades, whilst women historically have met to mastermind their communities/families and had to challenge the system to gather for other purposes.  The Powerhouse Circle brings the power into our womens meetings, aligning our inner gifts as women with our power to create not just in our relationships but in our world, powerfully creating businesses and projects that contribute to a better place to live.


So this group is called a Powerhouse rather than a Mastermind for a reason. Firstly because this is about celebrating womens feminine power which we cannot fully do under the umbrella of a masculine title, and secondly because the word master itself grew out of a power structure that no longer serves our culture. 


So this mastermind is a powerhouse. Now you know what its about, whatever you call it - do you wanna play with sisters in achieving your business, life and self-care goals? 

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