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This playbook gets to the core so you can feel

more confident and easeful about moving forward.


It will be in your inbox in one small moment. That's one moment away from...

Going from struggle to flow. 

Procrastination to clarity and action. 

Resentment to connection. 

Fear to alignment.

Stuck to empowered. 

or Ok to Awesome... 


Gain clarity & confidence in your new unfolding vision with The RAE Process. 

I know you are already on your path sister

- you need to embrace what has been, return to your vision & expand beyond in this time of change. Covid has given us a lot to respond to, now is your time to get really intentional about how you are showing up for yourself, your family, your work and your purpose. 

The RAE Process takes you through 3 stages for powerful visioning & alignment. 

The Release

The Return


The Expand

Its time to Release the challenges and celebrate the wins,

Return to your positive core 


Expand in the direction you are now headed! 


Claim confidence in your new vision. 

Be bigger than your conditioning, your circumstances or environment.  


You will build your goals from a positive core,

not from a sense of lack. 

In fact you can act on your goals in an entirely different way

when you unblock subconscious stories from your past. 

(If you do not find this through the Playbook book a

live bodymindset activation with Dominique HERE)


As a graduate of Melbourne University studying evidence-based Positive Psychology strategies and having trained in Neuroscience with an Oxford Uni trained Neuroscience Teacher,

Dr. Sarah McKay, I know this is not just mythical thinking. 

These strategies have modern science and ancient wisdom at their core. 


Aligned to coaching methodologies, 

as well as the ancient yogic art of Sankalpa - the resolve of mind and heart - 

The RAE Process brings the best of the soul and science. 



Magic can show up when you are intentional,

when you clear out the old to invite in the new. 

I know you will enjoy The RAE Process Playbook to align you

to your clarity and grace. 


Sending you blessings for creating your life aligned with what matters most to you.


* Check your email for your download!  It will be there in a matter of minutes! * 

- Dominique x 


“I feel so blessed to have Dominique there with me as I embark on discovering The New Normal.  I’m just amazed at how far I've come in such a short amount of time.

It's just mindblowing”          - Clare, Actress & Writer, Melb, Australia

“I came to work with Dominique because I was feeling a bit of an imposter in my professional work and was experiencing feelings of anxiety and fear because of my high expectations. My aim was to feel more trust in myself, to feel more calm, centred, confident and effective. The RAE session gave me powerful personal insights.  I’m feeling more energetically sustained from the inside and more aligned than I have felt for a long time. Now I feel the power of acceptance - I’m feeling like I am ‘enough’ ” 

                                                                         - Nemona, Occupational Therapist QLD Australia 


“I was experiencing some overthinking about a leadership situation at work and after the RAE session with Dominique I felt at peace like I hadn’t for a while. I also am still using the positive tools which she shared and they are continuing to make a difference” 


                                                                         - Gabriela - Project Manager, New York, USA


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