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“I feel so blessed to have Dominique there with me as I embark on discovering

'The New Normal'. 

I’m just amazed at how far I've come in such a short amount of time. It's just mindblowing. ”              

- Clare, actress and writer

"Dominique has a natural understanding of.. the human body, mind & soul. Guests rave about how she tailors her teaching

just for them"


 - Mark Nissley Manager Top 5 World Class  Yoga Retreat Destination,  Maya Tulum 

Dominique helped me to move past emotional and mental blocks that were inhibiting my ability to move forward with my goals.   She is incredibly insightful and she made me ‘hear’ what I was saying when I wasn’t aware of it, which really helped me to move forward.

- Alani Morgan, Research Asst.

Want to feel like you're thriving?


The challenges to being our greatest as a woman still exist: there's subtle gender stuff still happening in our careers and maybe even at home, there are great expectations in family life and there's the juggle of relationship demands...  

I'm here to remind you that defining life on your terms starts as an inside job.

It's likely no-one is going to turn up and say - "hey I'll do that for you so you can go and write your book/kite surf/design something cool".   

Perhaps you are ready to play bigger and bolder in your self-leadership?

Do you want to be held accountable on living that bigger vision? 

Care to crack through that shell that has you too stuck in the familiar rut of being addicted to work, lacking self-care or other past times that set you on fire and make you magnetic , balanced and happy?


Let's craft your life intentionally.

Men have had the priviledge of entertainment and leisure time for decades. 

It's time for women to claim their power and their wellbeing. 


I'm here to give the support you need for :

  • keeping your self-care front and centre so you can have the positive impact you want on others

  •  clarifying your values in times of change
  •  building the boundaries and confidence to help you achieve what you vision next for yourself

  • redefining success on your terms & levelling-up to find significance

  • capitalising on your feminine strengths for authentic leadership and more fulfilling self-expression

  • developing a confident & kind growth mindset and letting go of 'stuck'

  • improving your habits for a satisfied life (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial & relational)

My coaching will help you with the inner transformation you need

to be who you most want to be 



Sometimes no matter

what it looks like on the ourside  to others, 

on the inside something needs to shift. 


Explore my Coaching Programs to support the areas you are working on: wellness habits for optimal performance, business success based in soul or feminine authenticity,  return to self-confidence & work after mothering, or hop on a 1:1 Coaching Call to personalise your actions today. 

I am...

A Certified Coach with Wellness Coaches Australia 


A Positive Psychology Graduate

(Melbourne University)


A Lead Like A Woman Coach

Applied Neuroscience Qualified

A Womens Circle Leader in my

own community




I  Value... 

Feminine Leadership


Nourishing Body Mind & Spirit


Women Playing Big and Bold


Lifting Others Up





Creativity, Play and Finding Flow

I work with...

Professionals​ and Leaders




Soulful, Passionate women who have a mission to contribute to a better world. 

I can be an adjunct to your:

Counsellor /Psychologist

Allied Health Professionals

Business Mentors

Design your life to make yourself glow

Coaches are 'change technicians'. You want the superhighway to get to a better place sooner within your self and in your life, then a coach is a pretty quick way to get things moving in the direction you want. It's solution-focussed and action-drenched. I have tools to help you design your life by choice not habit, overcome challenges, make clear & well-informed decisions, replace negative habits with positive rituals, release subconscious blocks, shift your mindset and align to feminine gifts that make achieving goals more effective and easy.


I draw on the Soul and Science of Coaching. With Applied Neuroscience, Science of Wellbeing - Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, Womens Health training and a healthy dose of intuition as our bodies communicate wisely with us.  My RAE Process helps you move subconscious beliefs so you can more easily take actions aligned to your heart's intention. 

Coaching with me is like hitting the 'on' switch for the behaviours that will help you shine.


But sister you know that for the light to work you gotta bring the power source. 

If you are ready to be accountable for your life and your habits.

If you accept yourself as the author of your future in how you respond to what ever life is throwing at you, 

then you've already got the magic and I can support you on your journey. 

"Dominique knows how to delve deeply into my soul so we can then focus on creating the life I want to lead.

Dominique is organised, punctual, true to her word and delivers on her promises. 

I am so grateful for all her support. 

I can see such a dramatic change

in my life in a very short space of time."  


 - Clare, Writer, Director, Actress


What new woman in you is wanting to bloom?

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